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Call of the Wild

Page history last edited by Ava Knight 14 years, 1 month ago

The Wilderness’s Call

Deep in a hidden chamber,

A girl sat chained to a wall,

Her head down.

Her will had been nearly crushed,

Hope was foreign to her,

Yet somehow music played in her heart.


A haunting tune,

Lyrics indecipherable but soothing,

Floated on the breeze.

They sang to her,

Called to her,

Lilting gently.


She cautiously raised her head,

Taking in the refined song,

Yearning for more.

The poignant melody

Resounded deep in her heart

Beckoning her.


The girl stepped forward in a trance,

Her chains pulling at her wrists,

Hindering her movement.

A frustrated growl broke out,

The song was summoning her,

Yet she was unable to follow.


Days passed,

The melody increasing in strength,

And the chains losing force.

After an eternity of gentle pulling,

The chains broke,

And the young ‘witch’ escaped.


She followed the sound

The sound of freedom,

The sound of bliss.

It pulled her further away,

Away from her home,

Away from the town of traitors.


Finally she reached the source

Of the music

That had so pulled at her heart.

It was the natural and the primitive

The untamed part of her

That had so been attracted to the call.


Once in the borders of the haven

The girl did finally feel free;

Here was a place she could be who she wanted!

No more injustice, no more pain,

This place was a forgotten part of her,

An ancient and neglected part.


It was now that she understood

Why she had so been drawn to the harmonious summon;

Here at the source of the call did she comprehend.

The source was the wild,

It had been the call of the wild,

And so the girl answered that call.

Comments (14)

Volkes_Wagon said

at 10:48 pm on Jan 10, 2010

did you write this after reading Brd Song or something? unsatisfied with the ending?

Ava Knight said

at 5:34 pm on Jan 11, 2010

ur poem was so inspiring, though.
u should b flattered.

Volkes_Wagon said

at 6:28 pm on Jan 11, 2010

im not flattered. what makes you think i should be?

Sweeten101 said

at 6:10 pm on Feb 10, 2010

was this the poem u did for the call of the wild? thats really really good.

Volkes_Wagon said

at 12:08 am on Feb 14, 2010

oh yeah, avn--shadoe, did mrs. jones say anything about your poem sounding like a continuation of mine? they are pretty different, so probably not...

Sweeten101 said

at 7:19 pm on Feb 26, 2010

darn it a ur such a liar. this isnt depressing
u r not gonna end up like e.a.p.

Ava Knight said

at 3:06 pm on Feb 27, 2010

really? r u sure? did u read the whole 'town of traitors' 'pain and torture' ' in chains' blah, blah, blah? That's in most of my poems look carefully.

Sweeten101 said

at 7:30 pm on Feb 27, 2010

but they all end up happy
well, maybe not all
and again ur not gonna end up like e. a. p.

Volkes_Wagon said

at 9:32 pm on Feb 27, 2010

let's hope nobody who doesn't want to become like e. a. p. doesn't, and everybody who does does. cuz there's a reason edgar allan poe's so famous.

Sweeten101 said

at 10:33 am on Feb 28, 2010

v, u actually have a point. i could understand what u were saying for once.

Volkes_Wagon said

at 3:41 pm on Feb 28, 2010

am i an alien???? muahahaha

Sweeten101 said

at 9:09 pm on Feb 28, 2010

that is how u spell it

Volkes_Wagon said

at 11:02 pm on Feb 28, 2010

no tis not. kekekekeh. kyahahahahayahyahyahya! ufufuh. i know much *much* laughs. Sheesheeshee!

Sweeten101 said

at 7:35 pm on Mar 1, 2010

again i say, "what???????????"

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