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True's Legend

Page history last edited by Ava Knight 14 years, 3 months ago

True’s Legend                                                                                      

In the darkness of despair and sadness,

Where all hope had turned to madness,

Sat the once golden city of Moon.

But fear prevailed throughout its streets,

Courage in people was soon put to sleep,

And no one dared defy the ruler,

The ruler named June.




In this city of hidden cries of pain

Where all with bravery were quickly slain

Rose one hero, with a name of True

Her heart was loyal, and full of kindness

She vowed to fight for only righteousness

Immediately True set out for the ruler June

And for once, the cloudy gray sky was blue




True heard the pleas for help as she went

To fulfill the job for which she was sent

And reach June’s realm in the Castle of Night.

No one at all dared try to stop,

The unbeatable wrath True had wrought,

With friends with their courage renewed by her side

True was eager to promptly begin the fight.




She walked in, her head held high,

King June was astonished that someone might defy,

Might defy his royal might.

Her eyes laughed with the danger of rebellion,

As she bravely began to tell him,

All the pleas and terrors his people faced,

And what he was not doing right.




The king swept off his crown and leapt off his throne,

Full of rage, he did what no one else had ever been known,

Known to have done before.

He challenged the nineteen year old to a duel,

With the winner having the kingdom to rule,

True accepted with a bow, her green eyes bright,

Declaring June would soon be no more.




They traded blow for blow, matched power with power,

Into the night, the fight lasted several hours,

Until each could fight no more.

Finally True stumbled, tripping on the crown,

In a last desperate move, June brought his sword down,

Down on the hero’s head, his aim was true,

Surely gone was everything True had fought for?




But True brought her sword up, her red hair flying,

She knew she was not ready for dying,

She stabbed at the ruler.

Through armor, muscle, and bone the sword tore,

Such pain that he could bear no more

In a single breath he left the Earth,

And True watched the crown brought to her.




Tired from success, and content as she was,

True still found the will to deny at once

The crown that she had rightfully won.

Instead she placed it upon the head

Of June’s twenty-five year old grandson, name of Jed,

Who promised to rule with kindness and mercy,

Even once True was gone.




With a different ruler, different place, different day

But still the girl who fought for her way,

Was True, fighting to free the needy.

She killed her opponent with a single last strike,

But the edge of his thorn-ridden spike,

Cut straight through to her heart,

With nothing ceasing the bleeding, she hoped her end would be speedy





And so went the girl whom many said could defy even death,

With a sigh, True took her last breath.

Knowing there was nothing more she could do.

She did not go sadly, or full of woe,

But calmly she stepped into the dying light, ready to go,

Missing what she didn’t do aplenty, but knowing she had to,

And so ended the story of the hero, known as True.




With her help much darkness was lifted and light was shown,

To those who in their lives nothing but gloom known,

And they passed her legend on and on.

But when a ruler threatens a kingdom once more,

Not cowards are left, but people who know what to fight for,

Because True’s spirit has not disappeared,

But it will live in their hearts, until all pureness is gone.


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Ava Knight said

at 9:17 pm on Feb 1, 2010

this is what mrs. jones meant by 'epic poem'

Mokona Go said

at 9:21 pm on Feb 1, 2010



Mokona Go said

at 10:19 pm on Feb 1, 2010

ha ha

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