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Comments (11)

Sweeten101 said

at 7:20 pm on Feb 26, 2010

she left me.
i cannot believe her
we are going to have a talk on Monday

Mokona Go said

at 8:35 pm on Mar 30, 2010

mary sue for every story here.

Liunatic said

at 10:29 pm on Jun 29, 2010

Avneet, since you are the administrator of this site, please notify me if you want me to do something or uh. I dont know. I'm not very familiar with this site yet.

Volkes_Wagon said

at 6:19 pm on Jul 1, 2010

ah, basically everyone just plays here...i made up the rule that you have to write to be on here...

Mokona Go said

at 7:14 pm on Jul 1, 2010

ah, and suddenly you're the authority eh?
*salutes in a stiff fashion

Sweeten101 said

at 7:19 pm on Jul 1, 2010

screw you too, v.
except i also praise you for signing my petition... =D
so ur moot

Volkes_Wagon said

at 12:19 pm on Jul 3, 2010

wat's a moot? : |

Sweeten101 said

at 10:08 pm on Jul 3, 2010

like moot point. it means neutral...

teatime said

at 8:21 am on Sep 23, 2010

Where did all your stories go, a? And why do half of your links never work?

Ava Knight said

at 12:52 am on Feb 12, 2011

All the links should work now.
I took my stories off to work on them.

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