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Book Talk

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Talk here, not comments. If you have a comment on a story, do the comments here, unless its about a change. Then you can do it there. if you just wnat to give advice or talk about something random, leave a note or comment on this page.


I'm abusing the power of writing to make fun of people and criticize what people do without them realizing it. yes, i know that's mean, but as brandon sanderson says in Alcatraz, writers are people who enjoy torturing people. 



WARNING: SLIGHT(okay maybe more than slight) SPOILERS 

okay! i'm gonna tell a story now, so this is gonna be really long, but Shadoe asked so im putting it here. it's about the origin of the character of Kake (LP).

so in a 7th grade talent show (?), there was this one guy and co. that did a bunch of cool gymnastic stuff while acting like gangsters, and it even had a mini sort of storyline. later, while waiting for my work to be checked in Kumon, i tried doodling his head, but since my art was kinda sucky back then, it turned out pretty different and i didn't draw the face(and the hair was uneven). but i liked it, and when i got home i drew him full-body w/ a face. i was lazy too, so i covered his right eye with hair to avoid drawing it. and then i drew two boys in the back and a story just kind of emerged. the original guy turned into somebody who could turn into a sort of half-cheetah because of a gov. experiment, but ran away from the organization. His right eye turned into his "measuring meter" or something. i never really thought that part through, but anyways, the plotline in my head reached this part where he loses all his memories, and then when he regained them, he got happier cuz the gov. had erased his memories f/ before he was kidnapped and experimented on by them. and so i doodled him when he was happier and he started looking younger (cuz before he was kind of evil-looking). and then my brain started wondering, what was his past like? and so i doodled him when he was little. and then my brain completely set the story aside and started daydreaming about something else. less than a year later, i started reading one piece, and i started daydreaming up a parallel to it, and the younger gangster guy became the main character (though w/ a completely different personality and style, since my art was better). i never thought up a name for the original Kake. other connections: the world cheetah-Kake lived in was also divided into north (technology) and south (magic) and they were also fighting a war, and he was also first made by the north to try to fight the south. Kuchiha started out looking like Tsubaki from Soul Eater--and you'll see the original base kind of stuck--tsubaki's a flower without a scent, i think a camilla flower or something, it's so pretty and poor tsubaki made such a fuss about there not being a scent. - __ - well since this's already a rant, i'll keep ranting. the name kuchiha's from amatsuki, it had something to do with a wilting flower. originally she was kurohana, a made-up (?) japanese word for black flower, but i never really liked it. i don't regret changing it at all. oh yeah, and don't real soul eater if you don't like ecchi. the anime's pg-fied, but it strays from the plot around when the manga got cleaner. *phew. i already talked about kake's name, but he's supposed to be a shadow, and it won't work if his name's something happy when lucifer's pretty much says what he does. sort of. he's not exactly evil, lucifer just sounds cool. kage sounds lame. falls too heavily. then again, kake's too hard. i guess names kind of grow on the characters. dang, this should be going in the day of me page.



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