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LP Chapter 8

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     "Aaah, Kuchiha! You woke up!"

     Kuchiha moaned and opened her eyes. "Mmnn? Oh, hey. Mornin', Kake." She yawned, and propping herself up with her left arm, she looked around. "Where...?" And then she remembered.

     Kake had to bend down and cover his head with his arms to keep from getting his ears blasted. All the rage she'd been unable to exert from the previous chapter exploded out of her like fireworks. "Ku-kuchiha!! Wait!! You'll scare her!" he yelled (since he had to yell to be heard).

     "Her!!!?? What'd'you--" Kuchiha finally glanced around the cell they were in. A little girl was pressed against the grey brick wall as if she was trying to disappear into it. Kuchiha's rant stopped cold.

     "Eh--but I guess you already have," Kake mused. He was right, of course. The little girl looked like she was on the verge of fainting from fright. Kuchiha cast her eyes down, and (she'd never admit this, though) was extremely embarrassed.

     "Uh...hey there? What's your name?" she asked in a vain attempt to make ammends. The little girl just stared at her.

     "Her name's Rika. She got kidnapped by a couple of these guys looking for her lost pet." Apparently Rika and Kake had been awake a long while now. He even knew her pet's name. "Pinchy the Penchree."

     "What kinda name's that!?"

     "Eeeh, I don't know. But don't say that, look, she's all scared again. Rika, there's nothing to be scared of, she just yells a lot."

     "No I do not!!!!" Kuchiha yelled. She still hadn't calmed down. Rika shrank back into the wall, and Kake kind of giggled.

     "Alright, alright, no you don't. So what happened out there? You were completely out of it for hours. Couldn't budge you."

     "Ahh..." That sound came out more like a roar than a remark. "The bartender who gave us directions was the leader of this place. And a danged strong magician. Combination of Craksta and Lyshta spells, ring-based."

     "So he lied to us and caught us in a trap?"

     "He caught you. I could've gotten out a heck of a lot easier if you hadn't gotten caught! What was that, you might as well've tied yourself up and ran towards the cell!! I mean, what were you doing!!!!??"

     "I am very sorry."

     "As if!! Even if you were serious I wouldn't forgive you!!!"

     Kake sighed. They were getting nowhere. Nothing for it but to just kick them all back on course. "Well, anyways. What now?"

     "That's obvious, isn't it!? And don't change the topic!!!"

     "What's obvious?" He suddenly perked up.

     "Break out."

     "How? None of us have any weapons, and this wall" he rapped his knuckles against it "is hard as rock. Though I guess that all goes without saying."

     "Just shut it. I'm doing you a favor here." Kuchiha stood up and started stretching. Then she stepped into a fighting stance 3/4 of an arm length away from the wall opposite the door.

     "Eeh, could it be you're--"

     "I said shut it!!!!" Without warning she hurled her first straight into the wall. There was a sound like thunder, and there was a giant dent of cracked stone where she'd hit.

     "...I'm speechless." Kake glanced behind him, then crouched down in front of Rika. "Come on, time to go." He put out his hand, and Rika quite willingly took it.

     Meanwhile Kuchiha was muttering at her inability to take down a wall in one hit. Well, it was her first time punching rock with her bare fist. But she'd kicked one down before. Flipping onto her hands [as in a sort-of handstand], she started spinning upside-down with her legs sideways and tucked in close. When she felt she'd gained enough momentum, she whipped her right leg out and smashed her heel into the lower wall. The whole thing blasted outwards like a bomb had just exploded. [this move was actually taken f/ one piece when sanji nearly broke blueno's tekkai...but nobody here has any idea what im talking about...anyways it was pretty awesome but kinda hard to describe. and it's not actually his strongest kick.] Kake whistled in exaggerated awe. Kuchiha was not amused.

     "Aahh. Took two hits, and now the whole place's awake. Hey! Kake (and Rika)! D'you know where my swords went?"

     "Hehh." Kake gave a strange grin as frantic voices and flashing shadows came in the distant corridor. "Nope. Besides, we have to get out of here fast."

     Kuchiha growled and hopped over the blocks of rubble into the rising moonlight, feeling like a part of her was missing. She didn't like the look on his face. Besides, the things the fake bartender had said put Kake in a suspicious light. She'd never fully trusted him, anyways, she told herself. Kake leaped lightly to the top of the pile, but Rika was having trouble climbing the rocks. Her short, soft, flimsy limbs were desperately trying to pull her body up, and the yelling was getting closer and closer. Kuchiha grimaced.

     "Hey. If you don't mind, I gotta give you a hand. Whatever you do, don't make life tough for me. Got it?"

     Rika whimpered something along the lines of: "Got it." Kuchiha grabbed her and threw her over her shoulder like a sack of rice just as the first outlaw skidded to a stop in front of the cell door. He yelled an order to the others. Kuchiha jumped high in the air to dodge a couple bullets and burst towards the surrounding trees at top speed.

     "Run, you idiot! Go, go, go!!" she yelled at Kake as she whizzed by. It was only when the three of them were out of bullet range did she realize where they were.

     "Aaah, ah ah caaaaahhhrp." Kuchiha groaned and sat down, sliding Rika to her shaky feet. They were completely lost in the middle of the cursed forest, the Forest of Death, the Forest of Devourers.


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