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Five Seconds

Page history last edited by Sweeten101 14 years, 1 month ago

He looked up

His name was called

He looked around

And he stalled


Their decision was made

It was made for him

He couldn't fight it

He stared at Kim


Kim was his support

She made the choice

He couldn't listen though

He had to have a voice


He must shoot at the girl

He knew this was true

But if it was the one you loved

What would you do


His bow fell limp

Kim told him to stay

He had only five seconds

He chose to walk away

Comments (1)

Sweeten101 said

at 5:50 pm on Mar 21, 2010

i got the idea for this poem from the house of night series. number four or five
kim= neferet
he= stark
the girl= stevie rae
realize that stark did not walk away; he actually shot stevie rae

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