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Can you touch a rainbow?

Don't try it.  You can't.

Can you hold a waterfall, safe in your hand?

Oh no.  I tried once.

Or a snowflake, can you hold it, take it, keep it?

It will melt, gone forever.

Can a wind, soft and caressing, be caught by you?

It will flow through your hands and be gone.

Can a cloud, spun from water, in a molded shape, be touched?

To touch a cloud is folly.

Can a star, hot and white, glowing fiercely in the sky, be caught by you?

None living can catch the stars.

Beauty, wild beauty, is all around us, but can we seize it?

No rainbow can be caught and kept,

No wind can be seen.

So fragile and so beautiful,

Just like love.    

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Volkes_Wagon said

at 10:45 am on Jul 31, 2010

... TT o TT *sparkles.

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