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Page history last edited by teatime 13 years, 5 months ago

The first Cuneiform alphabet

Just wedges in clay

Tablets with pictures

Pictures made with reeds

Triangle ends pressed deep

Simple Impressions


Then in art

Impressions too

Photos could have

Replaced art, but

Some young painters

Tried, dared, risked

Being different


Not plain copies

Not another Greek

Or Roman work

Painted again


Over again


Can you see a difference?

These pictures are painted

In the open


No dingy studio hints in these!

Look at the light

Look at the leaves

Ruffled, ridged

Like real leaves, shrunk

And glued on

No heavy glossy sheen

But texture, and dots

Quick dancing dots

Quick tiny strokes

Seen from a boat

Is the autumn morning


Art like this, quick art

Breathtaking like a real sight

Textured like the real thing

Can a photograph compete

With something like this?


But the new is always feared

And the airy effortlessness

That morning’s joy in color

Was on principle scorned

For painting was about copying

Repetition of accepted beauty

Nothing could compare with the old art,

Could it?

If there is no room for improvement

Why bother?

Why risk experiments?

Also frowned on was the speed

The haste of such works

Great art took years to paint

Not hours!


Yet now these works are among

The most beautiful I’ve seen

In art, or anything

Risks are often looked on

As foolhardy, foolish

Yet the ones who take risks

Are the ones to change the world


So try something new

Go ahead

One young rebel

Is the one the books

And teachers will speak of

When we are gone.

Comments (1)

Volkes_Wagon said

at 6:17 pm on Nov 6, 2010

ahh i love impressionistic art. the light...the balance, the *colors*...<3 so preetty

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