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Page history last edited by Mokona Go 13 years, 6 months ago


Why do some galaxies have spiral arms?

-The best reason I know is that it's because each spiral galaxy has a black hole in the center. The immense gravitational pull from the center keeps it organized.

So if we're flying through space right next to a black hole, Are we going to be eventually pulled close enough to the black hole that we will be spegettified?

-YES. Except for the fact that we were hurtled  through space at the big bang very fast (I think actually faster than 299 792 458 m / s), so that when we got caught in the pull of gravity, we were going fast enough that our centripetal force should keep us safe forever. The only think I'm not to sure about is when the Andromeda galaxy collides with us. It will, some time, but we're really mostly empty space, and since we're quite a bit bigger, our gravity will screw up Andromeda, but there will be very few actual collisions. That's what 60 symbols said, anyway.


Anyway, i was looking up through me Christmas tree earlier when I started thinking about light. I don't actually know, but I think that red and blue and green lasers are made by increasing the frequency of the waves. Just guessing. Also, I pinched a red light between my thumb and I noticed the light going through my finger. Nothing special, right? everyone does it. Except that when I pinched a yellow light, it still shone through my finger, but considerably less than the red. I was instantly intrigued. I pinched a blue light and no light came through. I pinched a green light and only a little got through. The purple was a little less than the yellow. Got it? The higher frequency of the waves, the less it appeared through my finger. Why? I came up with two different explanations. 1: the more spread out waves were somehow able to pass through my finger more easily. 2: because the blood is red, it absorbs all the light that isn't red, letting the rest through (also the skin takes yellow). Does that suddenly sound stupid? right.

Comments (3)

Mokona Go said

at 5:12 pm on Dec 7, 2010

BTW, nothing here was looked up. this is only what I think. (except for 60 symbols and 299 792 458 m / s.)

teatime said

at 6:26 am on Dec 8, 2010

Intresting. Did you try with white light? I think that would help you test your therories.

Volkes_Wagon said

at 6:08 pm on Dec 8, 2010

wooaaahhh...XD i see a scientist in the making.
we still haven't put up our tree...

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