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Page history last edited by Ava Knight 13 years, 2 months ago

The future is so far off, but even now I can tell

Once again, it will become stained with blood

Come with me, and we will escape from this prison

Don’t think of the consequences, just run.


Hear your heart, it’s beating again

You’ve regained those emotions that were lost

Maybe it’s a sign that we are meant for something

More than being blind sheep following the shepherd


Break free of your bonds; they are not that strong,

It’s only your mind which renders you unable to escape

This fate is too tragic for only one to bear,

Together we’ll shoulder the burden, run and share the blame.


Don’t blame yourself, a bright flower not meant for Hell,

In this prison, don’t bloom and blossom,

Don’t let them make you believe this is all you are worth

Time flies by silently, already, we have become so strong


You’re not alone, I’ll hold your hand, stroke your hair,

So cry until there are no more tears.

Fly away, let us soar away

From the thread of Fate they tried to tie us with


Hold onto your hope, don’t let it fall,

Don’t break down back into that empty shell

If you grow roots here, if you no longer believe

You will forever be trapped in their game


So together we will escape, from this sad fate

We are flowers, not meant for Hell,

Too far out of their grasp now, we have flown away,

Come, we will create a new destiny­


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