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Chapter 1



          "I can see the other worlds." 


          Stephen looked at her funny.




          "The other worlds. I can see them. When all the doors are closed, and all the cracks are shut, I can see the other worlds passing by the windows."


          "Marina. When was the last time you visited the psychiatrist?"


          Marina looked away.


          "Nevermind. It was a joke. But my sense of humor's so dry, you wouldn't get it. Idiot."


          Stephen laughed. His laugh was like icy leaves crackling under someone's shoe.


          "Sure, sure. I still think you should see the psychiatrist, though. To get rid of that lead-balloon humor you've got there."




           Stephen walked to the door.


          "Good night. If you need something, feel free to come see me."




          "Remember to close the windows, and turn off the lights."




          "It's alright. No need to be scared."




          "Don't forget, okay?"




          "Good night."


          Stephen shut the door. Marina shivered, pulling the blankets close around her and turning off the light. Cold wind slivered in through the open windows, late autumn leaves danced outside. But Marina did not close the windows.


Chapter 2


          Marina jumped up with delight.


          "Julrey!! Hey, Julrey!"


          Julrey turned and saw her.


          "Well, well, if it isn't Marina! Fancy meeting you here!"


          Marina ran up to her breathlessly.


          "I told you, didn't I? I said I had to, you know, come here, right?"


          Julrey stared into space a moment.


          "I don't remember?"


          "Jeez, Julrey, how many times to I have to repeat myself!?"


          "A lot. Go on, say what you wanna say."



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Ava Knight said

at 7:59 pm on Nov 12, 2009

where are they?

Volkes_Wagon said

at 10:55 pm on Nov 15, 2009

hmm. your choice. maybe i'll end up making it clearer soon...probably...

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