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LP Character Profiles

Page history last edited by Volkes_Wagon 12 years, 5 months ago

So I read a bunch of character profiles (by someone I watch on dA) and was like, hey this looks fun! And seeing as I'm always having trouble keeping Kuchiha's personality consistent, I'm gonna give this a shot.


The Main Character


     Name: spoilers "Kuchiha"

     Age: 16-17 

     Current Social Status: money-scrounging wanderer

     Occupation: bounty hunter
     Yearly Income: well, last year was 57,000 pintas...

     Magic/Techno: none
     Talents/Skills: cutting down everything in her way with brute strength

     Parents: Nova and Alpha 
     Siblings: spoilers 

     Significant Others: Kake. She's constantly being tricked by him, which bothers her greatly.

                              Runo. They're always fighting. The only thing they can agree on is that meeting Kake was the unluckiest thing that ever happened to them.

                              Jay. Ever since she first saw him she's felt an urge to pat him on the head.
     Social skills: "What're those?"

     Likes: birds, the moon, camping, cutting, money, good food

     Dislikes: magic, wolves, getting dirty, shams, Runo, everything annoying or confusing

     Ethics: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Don't try to reason your way out of that.


Kuchiha is a very simple character in a very complicated circumstance. She tends to gives off the impression of a muscle-headed she-wolf, especially when she's hunting. Which is odd for a beautiful girl. But she has a lot of interesting secrets tucked up her sleeve, and even though she doesn't know it, she can touch the heart of a lot of troubled people. She is strongly biased about everything, but if you give it time she's actually a really nice person. She doesn't like being nice, unfortunately. That's why having friends makes her confused.

If you cross her path, you're dead meat. You have been warned.


Supporting Main Character 


     Name: doesn't remember. Calls himself "Kake."

     Age: 11-13?

     Current Social Status: drifting freeloader

     Occupation: leather peddler, spoilers

     Yearly Income: up to 700 pintas

     Magic/Techno: spoilers

     Talents/Skills: persuasion, having fun, lying, knowing where it hurts

     Parents: ???

     Siblings: ???

     Significant Others: Kuchiha. He likes her as an older sister, but they aren't as close as they should be.

                                   Runo. He thinks of him as the bullying older brother, except Kake knows what he did wrong. They're surprisingly close.

                                   Jay. He feels bad when he tricks him because he's so vulnerable, but work is work.

     Social skills: first he uses his cuteness to snare in his victim. Then he exploits the victim's weaknesses. (Despite his professed skills he's really just an annoying loner.)

     Likes: himself, Kuchiha, Runo, Jay, mind games, toys, good food, leather, winning

     Dislikes: insults, scientists, white-painted rooms, being ordered "to do the dirty work," losing

     Ethics: don't blame the messenger (or the errand boy, for that matter)--none of this is my fault.


Kake is (supposed to be) the most enigmatic main character in LP. Nothing can scare him unless it caused him trauma when he was younger. It's all about layers: first he's a whining little orphan with no life skills, then he's a genius craftsman. He looks weak, but can pull just the right strings to make an avalanche fall. He can be cute, then vicious, then apologetic, then slit your throat all in a heartbeat, and without a second thought. It's a wonder he even has real emotions anymore. Deceit upon deceit upon deceit--but deep inside, he's really just a kid.

Give him candy. If he's got no business with you, he'll be an angel.


In Chronological Order



     Name: Rukamina Runo. "Demon Tamer" to people who read bounty posters.

     Age: 17-18

     Current Social Status: stoic vagabond

     Occupation: self-proclaimed reformer

     Yearly Income: basically none

     Magic/Techno: can communicate with (almost) anything living, and can tell their general state of mind from heartbeat, breathing and voice. Also, his irises change from gold to black according to how much threat there is to his physical safety.

     Talents/Skills: persuasion, prediction, strategy, speed


     Siblings: none

     Significant Others: Kuchiha. They fight a lot. That she-wolf needs some serious taming. It's also admittedly fun to tease her--but that's besides the point.

                                   Kake. He pretends to fall for Kake's tricks when he's really trying to get close to him. There's something up with Kake; best to keep a close eye on him.

                                   Jay. He thinks he's spoiled, a crybaby, and a waste of talent, but that doesn't stop him from trying to help Jay. In fact, he's more than willing, and wants to get rid of those traits listed above.

     Social Skills: doesn't say much. If there's no need for him to talk, he doesn't. But even then everything living seems to like him, especially animals.

     Likes: furry animals (especially foxes), music, alcohol, his mom, saving people, the color green

     Dislikes: death, blood, fire, loud/repetitive/piercing noises, being disobeyed

     Ethics: I will never let someone die in front of me. That's a promise--and I always keep my promises.


Rukamina Runo is hardworking, distant, and can stare down anything, but his inside is warm and cuddly. Everyone thinks he's some macho, stoic, sadistic teen, what with the whip and human taming, but actually he's just naive, quiet, and fragile. Bogged down by his past, incredibly afraid of death, he's been working towards an impossible goal for years and he doesn't want to admit it. He knows he's physically weak, but he's too proud to go around lifting weights all day, so instead he avoids exposing his weakness by quickly winning fights without ever making contact with his opponent.

Be yourself around him. He'll see straight through you anyways, and then set about trying to make you into his concept of an ideal human being.



     Name: Jay/Souiryuu

     Age: 18-19

     Current Social Status: the horse stalls boy everyone secretly dotes on

     Occupation: anything needed done that nobody else wants to do

     Yearly Income: mooched off of Kucabara...

     Magic/Techno: eyes that can quickly adjust to any level of light, see clearly up to 2 miles away, and see vague shapes up to 2.5 miles away. "Sees" emotions and personalities from facial expression/body language. Fast healing. He's got cool arrows, too, and an assortment of Lachrys devices kept in his quiver.

     Talents/Skills: horseback riding, archery, channeling emotions

     Parents: died in the Bloody Blues massacre

     Siblings: none

     Significant Others:

     Social Skills: awkward, shy, and passive, but if you get to know him he's the sweetest little (tall) thing you've ever seen. Can always tell what to do to make you feel better <3

     Likes: the color violet

     Dislikes: fire,

     Ethics: it's all I can do to swallow the pain and try to help everyone around me. Someone, someday, has got to break this cycle of violence.


Jay has been living with an identity crisis for as long as he can remember.

By the way. His silky blue hair soaks up liquid colors really easily--you spill milk on it and it stays white until you scrub it hard with super shampoo and running water (had to do that after Soy Stop, lol). But the thought never crossed his mind once that a wig was a rather poor disguise compared to just dying his hair. Hmm. Heritage complex, much?



     Name: Luccin "Lighthouse Beacon"

     Age: 16-17

     Social Status: you mention her name and everyone within earshot smiles; not a flamboyantly popular figure, but a sweet, subtle presence residing in the heart of everyone she's met

     Occupation: a mix of tour guide and welfare agent, spoilers

     Yearly Income: Soy Stop doesn't use money; they just barter with goods, or occasionally give and take when it's necessary

     Magic/Techno: bubblegum shield (only possible to use for defense), makes her hair spike when she activates it lol

     Talents/Skills: dancing, martial arts, making people like her

     Parents: ???

     Siblings: spoilers

     Significant Others:

     Social Skills: like I said, she's kind of amazing. even if it doesn't come naturally.



     Ethics: Who's giving you the right to drag me away from my beautiful fantasy and into the cruel truth?



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Volkes_Wagon said

at 6:41 pm on Feb 15, 2012

man, why is it that Kuch is literally my only lp character who actually earns money?

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