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Vincienna Wei

Page history last edited by Volkes_Wagon 12 years, 1 month ago

a PH short story


     The time: 12:46 pm. The place: The Decemberist's room, but besides myself it is currently vacant; so maybe it's Vincienna's room right now. The issue:

     It seems that I have forgotten The Big Funk's legal name.

     The Big Funk was furious. He stood up on a desk to make himself look bigger, and I like remembering his small scruffy silhouette again the sun--the sky was gray today. It will rain tomorrow.

     All of them were furious really, and their faces are a bit more difficult to like. I tried, though. Friendship is important to me, because friendship is normal, and it's important to at least appear normal. That much I learned. But they still left, every one of them, even though it was only the five of us remaining stragglers who kept the ship from going down.

     I wonder if there will be lightning.

     You see, I don't understand how to go about being somebody's friend. I read somewhere that friends should love each other and care about each other, but these are entirely intangible subject matters and cannot be readily impressed upon my mind. You must teach common sense to an alien.

     All I know is that when I saw Marcelle crying I wanted to cry too.

     Was that it? Feeling the same things that someone else is? But that would make Kent and I the best of friends, since my little finger literally serves as my window into his brain.

     And then I remember the way Kent didn't run away from Ms. Kattywampus, how he stopped and tried to make her smile just once that night. The one action changed our lives too, perhaps more than when I killed the dog. Strange how I remember such insignificant things, yet Ms. Kattywampus's real name slips my mind for the moment. Strange how I forget the taste of fig fruit bursting on my tongue, yet I can see in my mind the color of Kent's eyes so vividly I half believe I hear the seagulls calling with the ocean waves.

     And then I know.

     These are early warning symptoms.

     In less than thirty-six hours I will no longer be on the face of planet Earth.

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Volkes_Wagon said

at 10:17 pm on Apr 23, 2012

I remembered voice. These little minnies are great. PH is finally starting to make sense.

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